Automatic Filling& Container Sealing Machine (M2PACK PM 1112-180)

Model No / M2PACK PM 1112-180

M2PACK PM 1112-180

Automatic Filling& Container Sealing Machine

Jelly, yogurt, cream cheese, butter, delicatessen salads, ice cream, meat pies, tofu, fast food, pet food, pudding, coffee, juice, jam. Technical articles, cosmetic products.


1. High speed automatic system, minimum of operating person save working cost.
2. PLC controlled with HMi touch screen panel-a user-friendly touch-screen machine/operator interface, with running status, parameter set up, a maintenance screen, and production statistics. Control units of all series are CE or UL authenticated.
3. Provide 10 sets parameter memory for production flexibly design for various products.
4. Cup setter and liner buffer magazine by option.
5. A piston dosing system, mass flow meter, weighing dosing system, pocket fillers, auger fillers by option. Almost all filling units are available in CIB by option.
6. Cup, lid and film sterilize with UV or H2O2 spray by option. Suitable for all film roll with single or multi-lanes without adjustment.
7. Laminar airflow cabinet is by option.
8. Snap-on lid system by option.
9. Safety operation & easy maintenance: safety door and emergency stop bottom protection. This machine automatically stops itself if the tray empty or emergency.
10. PID temperature control system with error alarm.
11. All metal parts in stainless steel, anodized aluminum frame or plastic suitable for food.
12. The control cabinet made in stainless steel installed above machine. Suitable for operate in wet room.



Power: AC200V 1Ø / 400V 3Ø
Motor: 200
~ 750W
Air compression: 4-6kg/cm²
Power consumption: 10-60 A
Sealing type: heating pressure
Capacity: 15
~ 40 cycle/min, 2~ 20 lanes from 2,000~ 20,000 packs/hr
(Compack provides all the models by customize.)

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