Inline / Offline Filling, Sealing, Closing, Labeling Equipment (M2PACK PM 1112-183)

Model No / M2PACK PM 1112-183

M2PACK PM 1112-183

Inline / Offline Filling, Sealing, Closing, Labeling Equipment

petroleum and automotive, Cosmetic & personal care, Household & industrial cleaners, Bottled water & still beverages, Acids & corrosive products, candle & molten products, pharmaceutical products, paints, stains & sealants, Flammable solvents, Food products & sauces, Agricultural products, etc.

1. System range from manual tabletop to fully automatic. Custom built for your specific application and budget.
2. Options for hazardous, corrosive or sanitary environments fill system. Gravity and pressure/Gravity fillers, pump fillers, pressure & Vacuum Overflow Fillers by option. anti-drip/anti-foam nozzles by option.
3. Provide for film roll sealing and pre-formed foil lid sealing or induction aluminum foil cap sealing system.
4. Provide for cap closer, Spindle-Style Screw Cappers, Spindle cap tighter, Snap Cappers, Spindle/Snap Combination Cappers.
5. Top chain conveyor and rotary turntable are by option.
6. PLC controlled with HMI touch screen panel-a user-friendly touch-screen machine/operator interface, with running status, parameter set up, a maintenance screen, and production statistics. Control units of all series are CE or UL authenticated.
7. Fillers designed with an adjustable self-contained heating system, PLC operator controls, anti-drip/anti-foam nozzles and independent heating controls.
8. Robust construction and designed for product versatility. Minimal downtime for maintenance & cleaning, Easy setup with quick changeover features.
9. Most filler, sealer, closing and capping unit are available inline, offline in tabletop, semi-Automatic and fully automatic versions.



Machine dimensions: flexible by option
Capacity: 15-200 bottles /min
(Capacity changes with natures of the filled product)
Filling range: from 50 ml to 3000 ml(Other range are possible as well)
Electric: AC208V1Ø / 400V3Ø
Compression: 5
~ 7 kg/cm²
(Compack provides all the models by customize.)


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