Large Bag Automatic Weighing Filling And Packing Machine (M2PACK PM 1112-173)

Model No / M2PACK PM 1112-173

M2PACK PM 1112-173

Large Bag Automatic Weighing Filling And Packing Machine

Granulated sugar, rice, peanuts, tea leaves, dried, fruits, popcorn, seed, chocolate , melon seeds, dry bonito, etc.


1. The applicable scope of the machines is wide.
2. Sealing and cutting positioning is controlled by imported electric eye, making the bag making process accurate and precise
3. The machine is made of steel and meets the requirements of hygiene.
4.With safety devices, the safety of operation staff is ensured.
5.It’s quick and convenient to change the length of each bag.
6.The packing automatic process is highly-efficient and is with great performance.


Specifications :

The machine could be customized based on customer s needs.


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